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WFCU Center, 8787 McHugh St. Windsor, Ontario

Windsor Martial Arts - Montague EZ Defence

Windsor Martial Arts: Explore EZ Self Defense for Children and Adults Now!

Experience Windsor Martial Arts: Unveil EZ Self Defense for all ages! Instructed by Michael Montague, our program empowers children and adults alike with a blend of traditional martial arts and modern self-defense tactics. Join us to cultivate confidence, fitness, and practical skills in a supportive environment. Start your transformative journey today!

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Practical and Affordable Martial Arts Lessons with No Contracts.

...Classes Every Wednesday

Windsor Martial Arts Instrustor Michael Montague

Your Instructor

Michael Montague is your instructor. He has over 40 years of experience in the martial arts. He has developed Montague EZ Defense to eliminate unnecessary movements and techniques. His Personal Philosophy is to coach with positivity. Have fun and learn in a friendly environment. 

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Montague EZ Defense Classes

Windsor Martial Arts Childrens Class

Children Class 6-12

Nurturing Excellence for Your Children at Windsor Martial Arts: Discover Montague EZ Defense – Where Martial Arts and Life Skills Unite! Our unique approach instills fundamental martial arts and self-defense abilities while empowering kids to set goals, communicate effectively, and embrace empowering Belief Systems.

Windsor Martial Arts Adult Self Defense Class

Adult Classes - 13+

Unlock Real-World Self Defense with our Adult Classes at Windsor Martial Arts: Grounded in Science and Body Mechanics. No uniforms, belts, or testing – Just Empowerment. Embrace Self Defense on Your Own Path. Experience a Positive, Enjoyable Atmosphere infused with Simple and Effective Self Defense Principles.

Windosr MArtial Arts = Find Balance in life


Both classes harmonize participants' lives, cultivating balance across every facet. Our emphasis on Positivity and Fun infuses every offered class with a vibrant energy.

An Brief Introduction Into EZ DEfense

Embark on a transformative journey with Windsor Martial Arts EZ Defense videos. Prepare to explore the fascinating intersection of self-assurance and self-defense techniques. Join us as we unveil a spectrum of techniques, impart foundational principles, and cultivate a positive mindset. Whether you are new to martial arts or seeking to enhance your self-defense acumen, these videos serve as the gateway to an empowering voyage. Navigate the realm of EZ Defense and embark on this enriching journey alongside us.


Windsor Martial Arts Fist

David Man

“I have very fond memories of The Shoalin Temple: Kung Fu School and the amazing teaching and guidance I received there as a kid! Mike was my teacher! Amazing to see you teaching again SiFu! "

Windsor Martial Arts Ying And Yang


“He is amazing and really connects with the children. His teachings are upbeat, interactive, fun and positive."

Windsor Martial Arts - Kung Fu Pose

Ian Smith

“ This Self-Defense training is no joke. I studied Kung Fu with Sigung Mike Montague for 10 years and it seriously transformed my life."

Your Questions Answered

What If I don’t have any experience?

No experience is required. Just come with an open mind and we will instruct you on all the techniques.

Do you need a uniform?

Uniforms may be purchased. T-Shirts are also available for adults.

When can you join?

Beginners are welcome anytime. 

What do I call my Instructor in the Adult Class?

You can call you Instructor Mike or Coach. Their are no formal martial art protocols in the Adult Class.

Do I have to be in Shape to join?

Simply answer is No....as a by product of your training you will gain strength ,flexibility and range of motion. 

Do you offer a free class?

Absolutely, Come in a try a free class and experience the positive energy of Montague EZ Defense!

We are located at the WFCU Center in east Windsor.